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PTA Newsletter - July

We’ve made it, though it was a very different year to those we’ve previously fundraised in. I’m really delighted with what the PTA has achieved this year under these circumstances.

We managed to run fun activities and events throughout this year with the ice cream sales and the disco being our most successful ones to date. We created some new events and activities for Christmas, Easter and the summer fete; all of which were popular with the children. This has meant we have raised far more than we expected to this year, and that will assist greatly with the school’s plans to make much needed playground improvements.

There was a real uptake this year of parents across the years wanting to help in lots of ways. Your support helped us to run these very successful events, so thank you. We look forward to seeing you all next term.

Finally, thank you to the PTA committee and those heavily involved with the PTA this year for all their hard work creating and running events and the behind the scenes work to make things happen. Thank you to the school staff for assisting us in being able to run the events. Thank you to parents who gave time and financial support. Finally, thank you to the children for making it lots of fun!

Enjoy your summer everyone and we will be back with some new fundraising ideas in September.

Take care and thanks again,

Natalie Noorian, Chair

PTA July _1 - newsletter
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