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PTA Newsletter - April

Welcome to this month’s PTA newsletter.

Hi everyone, we hope that you are all well and adapting to the new pace of life!! Although it’s been a bit chilly…there are signs that Spring is here, and with that things are starting to feel a little brighter for the terms ahead.

We are now looking to plan some small simple fundraising events and activities for the Spring/Summer terms. The Summer disco is planned for the end of June, ‘Break the Rules’ and ‘non-uniform’ days are also being organised, along with the possibility of a small school fete for the children to enjoy during their school day.

With the village newsagents no longer open, we are going to sell pic’n’mix and ice-creams fortnightly on Fridays after school….so keep an eye out for more information on the things we’ve mentioned above.

Please see the Newsletter in full here...

April Newsletter
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