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Matched Funding/Giving

Do you work for a company that supports employee volunteers or charity fundraising? Do they operate a Matched Funding/Giving scheme? You may be aware lots of companies will match the fundraising efforts of their employees. The good news is - your PTA is a registered charity and as such qualifies for these schemes! Normally, it’s large-scale “blue-chip” type companies that support these schemes. However, smaller, more local companies may also have something in place to support the local community. What can you do? Find out if your company participates in any of these schemes. If they operate a charity fundraising scheme such as ‘Matched Giving’ or ‘Pound for Pound’ then you could also see your company match any fundraising efforts that you make, which in most cases would double your fundraising! How does it work? For instance, a parent who works for a company that offers MATCHED FUNDING, who volunteers to help out on one of our stalls, BBQ etc at Village Day. The profit made by the stall is £200, the parent’s employer will then match this amount with a further £200 (assuming they offer a £ for £ match). The amount offered will vary from company to company and further conditions may apply such as the requirement for the organisation to be a registered charity (which we are).

Obviously, these schemes are a massive help to us, both with the donation of your time to help us, and also to help raise funds for our school, without any additional effort involved. Some companies offer up to £1,000 donation per Employee per year- so you can see, we are very keen to find parents who can help us with this! So, please find out and let’s really make use of all the opportunities that are open to us! Your Line Manager or HR Manager should be able to advise you if your Company is involved in a Matched Funding Scheme, and who the appropriate person to speak to is. It’s not complicated and would be a MASSIVE boost The PTA’s funds. Hope you can help.. Feel free to get in touch with us - if you’d like more info or advice on this: There is not a Definitive List of Matched Givers, but to our knowledge these companies do participate: ASDA AVIVA BAA BANK OF ENGLAND BARCLAYS BANK BP BT CAMELOT CENTRICA THE COOPERATIVE CORNHILL INSURANCE PLC DEBENHAMS DHL HSBC J SAINSBURY KELLOGGS KINGFISHER LITTLEWOODS PLC LLOYDS MARKS & SPENCER NATWEST NORWICH UNION ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND ROYAL LONDON MUTUAL INS SANTANDER STAGECOACH TESCO PLC UNILEVER WOOLWICH PLC

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