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The Family Lotto is a great way to both regularly support the fundraising efforts of Brookmans Park School PTA and also gives you the opportunity to win cash prizes in a monthly draw, and a bumper draw in December. Half of the money collected is distributed between winners and the other half goes straight to the PTA fund. Numbers can be purchased for £5 per number, per month by parents, grandparents and friends. At the moment the average prize winnings are; 1st £60, 2nd £25, 3rd £19, 4th £6. These prize winnings would increase significantly if more lotto numbers were purchased. So please consider participating in this fundraising activity, it really is an easy and fun way to regularly raise funds for the school.

Family Lotto: Text


Joining the Family Lotto costs just £5 a month (per number), and depending on participation each month's prize fund goes up to £450. The winner gets a prize of £250 and the rest of the money goes to benefit the school.


Just about anyone can join, you, your partner, family and friends are all invited. Many of the Lotto members don't have the time available to participate more in the PTA activities and therefore find it a useful way of supporting the school. All you need to do is complete this application form and return it via the School Office or email it to Jude below.


Individual numbers between 1 and 200 may be purchased for a monthly payment of £5, and anyone can acquire as many numbers as they want, the draw is made by the Headteacher and prizes are paid by cheque at the end of the month in which the draw was made.


The Family Lotto is led by Jude Paine who you can contact on


Availability will be confirmed when application form is recieved.

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